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34% of Namibia's population is unemployed.  Some of the "fortunate ones" earn as low as N$9 per hour.  Furthermore, only 15% of the employed labour force in Namibia holds an undergraduate certificate or higher.

At Reach we believe in conquering inequality through the transformation of lives by unlocking human potential.


Our DNA is to find partners who's aim is to become agents of change in our society.  We invest in our partners (clients) through various quality educational programs, training and coaching.  We believe that by having access to these opportunities you are able to unlock your potential and equip yourself better for the future. 


Our purpose is to help you to become the best version of yourself.



Gallup is one of the world’s leading polling and research companies. Its mission is to help leaders and organisations solve their most pressing problems. With CliftonStrengths Gallup follows a “Strengths Philosophy” that asserts that individuals can gain far more from expending time, money and energy to build their greatest talents, than trying to remediate their weaknesses.


CliftonStrengths is designed to measure raw talent that can serve as the foundation to develop strengths,​ through a multitude of knowledge and tools that will empower you and help you to know and own your strengths to your advantage.

The purpose is to identify 5 Signature Strengths of talent that serve as the starting point in discovering and developing each individual's unique set of Strengths.


To date, more than 23 million people worldwide have had their CliftonStrengths assessments done. In business, more than 90% of the Fortune 500 companies use CliftonStrengths in their organisations.



One on One CliftonStrengths Coaching Sessions

We help you to Name, Claim, and Aim your Strengths.

With CliftonStrengths we guide individuals on their journey to understand, appreciate and leverage their unique set of Strengths.  Our offerings include:

  • CliftonStrengths online assessment

  • CliftonStrengths A5 journaling booklet

  • 3 One-one sessions (1.5 hours each) with a Gallup-certified CliftonStrengths Coach:

      Session 1: Name it – an introduction to your 5 Signature Strengths

      Session 2: Claim it – how your unique Strengths provide you with power and edge

      Session 3: Aim it – how to leverage your Strengths to achieve near-perfect performance

CliftonStrengths Team Coaching Sessions

A Strengths-Based Team

A Strengths-Based approach to team development can help team members understand how their natural patterns of thought, feeling, or behaviour affect their ability to get things done.  We facilitate CliftonStrengths in a team environment where we discover how CliftonStrengths can be leveraged to hone team performance.  We help each individual to understand how his or her Strengths are perceived by and affect other team members.


In the coming world they will not ask me - Why were you not Moses?  They will ask me - Why were you not Zusya?"


—  Zusha of Hanipol

Jakkie Coetzee ​





Jakkie Coetzee


Susan Nel

Marketing Consultant

Clinton vd Walt


Strengths Coach

Browse for Gallup-Certified Coaches in Namibia: 

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